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About CALS at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Located at the heart of the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) is one of the oldest and most prestigious colleges devoted to the study of our living world.

Established in 1889, CALS carries out UW-Madison’s mission as a land-grant public university through excellence in teaching, research and public outreach across 19 academic fields, ranging from production agriculture to natural resources to social sciences to fundamental life sciences. By encouraging collaboration and innovation among these fields, the college helps address problems and create opportunities that affect our food, our environment, our health and our energy future.

The college hosts 19 academic departments that span four broad neighborhoods: agriculture, natural resources, social science and life sciences. These neighborhoods allow for the development of specialized skills while creating opportunities to collaborate on multifaceted issues affecting food and agriculture, energy, health and the environment.

Dr. Patty Loew


Visionary Director

Patty is an Associate Professor in the Life Sciences Communication Department at UW-Madison. Author of several books and producer of award-winning documentaries, Patty is a prolific educator espcially of Native American history and media. Patty is also a Bad River tribal member.

Tim Tynan


Program Coordinator, Lead Instructor

Tim is a PhD student in the Life Sciences and Communications Department at UW-Madison. He is a filmmaker, former science teacher and is researching the Tribal Youth Media programs and other uses of video production in science education.

Dana Jackson


Outreach Director, Bad River

Dana is the Bad River Education and Outreach Director for the tribe. He has lived his entire life on the Bad River reservation and is an avid instructor in traditoinal practices.

Don Stanley


Wordpress and Media Instructor

Don is a faculty associate in the Life Sciences Communication Department, UW-Madison where he teaches courses on social media and web communications. He received his Master's at UW-Madison and enjoys spending time with his family outdoors.